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embrace nature

Save the planet.
Start composting.

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  • Blackwall Composter 330L in Green

    What people are saying

    First class service. The bin arrived quickly. We bought it in addition to the first one we had for several years now as we needed more composting space. Bins are very good and strong.

    Greg Smith

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  • GetComposting caddies

    What people are saying

    Great experience - clear website, my council qualified for subsidised prices, and quick delivery. I have told a composting friend about the company and he is keen to use their services.

    Paul Buckley

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  • Cloudburst Water Butts

    What people are saying

    Excellent. Arrived 2 days after I ordered, wasn't expecting them for about a week. Plumbed in and full already. :)

    Iain Rowland

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For over 20 years we have prioritised sustainability, offering high quality products to transform your waste and lower your environmental footprint.

Working for Change

Making Sustainable Living Accessible

Market leader for 20+ years

Carbon Footprint Conscious


Striving towards a brighter, cleaner future

  • Food waste is a problem


    Each year the UK sends 14 million tonnes of waste to landfill.

    We want to change that...

    • The average person in the UK throws away roughly 400kg of waste per year.

    • This is having devastating effects on people, and the planet.

    • By 2025 landfills will account for 10% of greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Composting is the solution


    Get Composting

    Our products are here to help you to take control of your waste, saving energy, money and precious natural resources.

    • Save water: you can collect approximately 24,000 litres of rainwater per year by using a water butt.

    • Reduce food waste- every tonne of food waste that gets diverted from landfill displaces 0.6 tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere.

    • Recycle, and be part of a circular economy instead of a throwaway culture.

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Blackwall Green Compost Converters in situ

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Straight 5 Litre Black Kitchen Caddy in situ

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Be Green Water Butt Freshener in situ

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Worm in situ | Wormeries


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