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We are proud to supply our products to British households via our partnerships with local councils.

Councils work with us to provide affordable, waste saving solutions to households across the country, making sustainable living affordable and accessible. Chances are you already have one of our food waste bins, composters, water butts or kerbside recycling boxes in your home.

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Our brands

Our bestselling brands - Blackwall, Rainsaver, Cloudburst and Harcostar are made from 100% recycled plastic collected by local authorities. These products are made to last and come with either a 5-year or 7-year guarantee.

Mini Rainsaver Water Butt Kit in Green on a patio

Our Promise to the Planet

We aim to continuously decrease our environmental footprint to benefit our beautiful green planet. That's why all our bestselling brands are manufactured here in the UK, using a closed loop production cycle, which ensures any excess material gets reprocessed into new water saving and food waste reducing products.

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