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The Subpod Mini Essentials Bundle is great for those just starting out on their composting journey. This aerated Subp... Read more

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Why we love this product

  • Perfect for beginner composters
  • Works with your gardens ecosystem
  • Uses worms to accelerate the composting process

The Subpod Mini Essentials Bundle is great for those just starting out on their composting journey. This aerated Subpod Mini is designed to sit in the ground, and acts as a compost factory teaming up with worms and microbes to convert food scraps and carbon items (such as paper and leaves) into rich soil and organic food to nurture your garden and help your plants thrive.

The Subpod Mini Essential Bundle is completely pest free and odourless thanks to its unique 360 degree ventilation system, which keeps fresh air cycling throughout. Just dig it into your garden soil, throw in your scraps, add in your worms and let them do the rest! The worms and microbes live inside the Subpod Mini where they break down your food waste, and then travel out through the Subpod Mini's holes to spread rich nutrients throughout your garden. 

With weekly aeration using your Subpod Compost Aerator, your compost system will be perfectly maintained and only ever smell fresh.

This Bundle Includes: 

  • The Subpod Mini Below Ground Compost System
  • The Stainless Steel Compost Aerator 
  • An All Natural Jute Worm Blanket
    • Comes with detailed instructions of how and what to compost in your Subpod Mini 
    • Built with reinforced stainless steel hinges 
    • Doubles up as a handy garden seat when closed, and can hold up to 200kgs 
    ModelHeight (mm)Width (mm)Depth (mm)
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    Top Tip

    • The Subpod Mini Below Ground Compost System sits neatly into your soil, and so doesn't require much space above ground.

      Even though it's small, the Subpod Mini packs a punch composting up to 4 people's worth of food waste, so it's perfect for families with limited garden space.

    • What type of household is the Subpod Mini Essential Bundle good for?

      The Subpod Mini Essential Bundle is perfect for a 1-4 person household in terms of it's composting capacity.