Can-O-Worms 3 Tier Wormery


The Can-O-Worms 3 Tier Wormery is simple to set up, easy to use, and ideal for transforming kitchen waste into nutrit... Read more

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Why we love this product

  • Perfect for smaller gardens and balconies
  • Designed to make composting quick, easy, and accessible
  • Made from 100% recycled materials

The Can-O-Worms 3 Tier Wormery is simple to set up, easy to use, and ideal for transforming kitchen waste into nutritious compost. It's great for family homes, as the whole family can get involved and enjoy the composting process. 

The bedding block gives the worms a suitable starting point to burrow into. The Lime Mix assists in neutralising the acidity of the soil when items such as citrus fruits or onions have been added to the compost.

Once you've received the Can-O-Worms 3 Tier Wormery, locate the included worm voucher and either post back to the given address or redeem online. The worms will then be posted to you in special packaging to ensure they reach you in the best condition. They need to be transferred into the bedding of your wormery within 2 to 3 days.

Kit Includes:

  • Can-O-Worms housing with 3 trays
  • 1 bedding block
  • Voucher for 500g (approximately 1000) native composting worms
  • 1 x Conditioner
  • 1 moisture mat
  • 1 Tap
  • Instructions
  • Features
    • 70 Litre capacity
    • Includes a voucher for 500 grams of composting worms 
    • Simple to set up, and gives a large compost yield 

    ModelHeight (mm)Width (mm)
    70 Litre730500
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    Inspire and Educate

    • Learn more about nature.

      Creating a wormery is not only reduces food waste, it also provides an opportunity to learn! Wormeries display to children, and adults the power of nature, and are fascinating things to build and watch thrive.

    • How do you post the worms without harming them?

      The worms are posted in special, tailored packaging that ensures they arrive safely, and in their best condition. 

    • What can I put into the Can-O-Worms 3 Tier Wormery?

      You can compost most types of vegetable skins and fruit peel. If you are adding in onions, onion skins, or citrus fruit peel you should sprinkle in a little Lime Mix (included in the product) as this neutralises any accidity in the soil.